Crucial 21st Century Skills for YOUR Child

Crucial 21st Century Skills for YOUR Child

ALOHA Mind Math’s Innovative Educational Program Goes Beyond Reading, Writing, and Math to Prepare Children with Crucial 21st Century Skills

No one can foretell their future, but the innovative after school educational programs of ALOHA Mind Math expand beyond reading, writing, and arithmetic to prepare children to have a brighter future.

When parents enroll their children in school they have no idea what career field they will gravitate towards. This is why the key components of ALOHA Mind Math’s curriculum have always focused on creativity, collaboration, problem solving, communication, and critical thinking skills.

These 5 vital skills could make or break the career of the next generation. Our fast-paced society requires crucial 21 century skills, beyond reading, writing, and math. The ALOHA program is designed to bring out children’s natural talent to learn and excel in school and later in life. Generations before the computer age schools taught traditional knowledge and concepts important to the industrial era. Why are collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking skills, and communication skills now important for students to learn and demonstrate regularly? The reasons are many. Obviously, these are skills adults use daily. Employers recognize the need as well, stating there is a shortage of employable applicants who already have these practical skills.

ALOHA Mind Math helps solve the education and employability gap to give students between the ages of 5 years-old to 12 years-old an advantage over their peers.

ALOHA CEO and President Mani Manickavelu says, “At ALOHA, our aim is not only have an impact on children’s academic performance, but to have an all-around effect that also results in improving confidence and achieving excellence.”

ALOHA has helped thousands of children enhance their concentration, listening ability, and analytical skills, enabling them to comprehend and absorb more knowledge and concepts leading to excel on tests or participate in group projects within and outside the classroom. This also improves their reading, language arts, and mathematical aptitude.

Creativity is welcomed. The student then develops confidence, becomes a problem solver, manages their emotions, works alongside their peers on class projects, communicates and handles decision-making appropriately, even in difficult situations. These are vital skills for their entire education and career success. It is Aloha Mind Math’s mission to go beyond reading, math, and language arts, and teach children crucial skills they need now which will carry with them throughout college and their entire life to lead happy and successful lives.

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