Do you see your Kids being an Entrepreneur?

Do you see your Kids being an Entrepreneur?

Most school systems and parents are raising their kids today to becoming a lawyer, doctor or Engineer. Isn’t it time parents give entrepreneurship an equal stand amongst all the options. Children are taught in school to go with the flow and follow the rules. They are programmed to learn and memorize facts instead of becoming independent thinkers.  If kids are taught entrepreneurial concepts they will be solution to almost all the problems that exist today. The idea is to teach the kid to fish rather than giving them the fish.

As a parent, you inspire entrepreneurship by fostering the emotional skills your child will need, such as comfort with risk, effective problem solving, and a positive attitude toward failure.

“It’s all about shaping the child’s behavior,” says Dr. Andrea Vazzana, clinical assistant professor of child psychiatry at New York University Langone’s Child Study Center. “Social emotional skills are important and the earlier you can help a child with them, the better.”

Few points to nurture the entrepreneurial nature of your kids are to teach them:

NOT TO WASTE MONEY: As everyone works very hard to make a penny this helps them understand the value for money and money management.

STOP ALLOWANCES: Entrepreneurs can’t expect a regular paycheck, as doing this breeds them to get used getting a paycheck every month leading them to get job oriented instead they need to come up with ideas to earn their money.

DON’T SET A FIXED PRICE PER JOB DONE: While you teach your kids to earn their pocket through running your errands for you teach them to NEGOTIATE the price you’re willing to pay them.

DON’T HAVE A REGULAR CHECKLIST OF JOBS TO BE DONE: This way you’re teaching your kids to find new opportunities and will build the quality of “ASKING”.

DON’T SAVE TO SPEND: Teach your kids to divide their saving into parts INVEST, SPEND, DONATE and SAVE.

DON’T TELL THEM STORIES: Teach your kids to tell you stories this helps them to build on their communication skills, public speaking ability and which in turn will teach them “HOW TO SELL”.

Most important DON’T LET THEM EVER GIVE UP: Teach your kids to learn from failures.

Entrepreneurship forces children to think “outside of the box,” create unique solutions, and lead others. This will make your children leaders at an early age, and it will result in more income, opportunities, and self-confidence, in their lives.

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