Do you spend enough time with your kids?

Do you spend enough time with your kids?

The parent in this article talks about how doing a simple project with your children is so much more rewarding than letting them spend time with electronic devices because you’re busy with something else. Have you ever felt similar to what she talks about? This may be a very common feeling especially with working parents who sometimes feel like they are snatching for time spent with their kids. Here are some things you can try to make things different:

Schedule the time: Prioritize your tasks so that you always get to spend some quality time with your child. This includes time for “just” chatting about what happened during your day. Kids have a habit of sharing tiny tidbits about their day that can give you a lot of insights into what is happening in their lives. Once you make a habit of it at a young age, they just might continue to share a little bit into their teenage years too.

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Plan hands-on activities: You can plan a lot of hands-on activities and even take up one project a month to make something interesting. It could be something like helping you build a tree house which will also have a tangible result for the child to enjoy and cherish for a long time. It could also be related to something your kid is learning at school, so it will have the added benefit of helping them understand their schoolwork better.

Introduce a new habit: If you feel like your child may not be reading enough, this is the time to sit with them and read a book. The more of an example you set, the more the kids will follow. Teaching them to keep a diary is another great activity that is interesting and will also improve their creative writing skills along the way. A parent I know introduced a daily tell-a-story-before-bedtime routine to improve his child’s confidence.

We all try to do the best we can, and hopefully with the help of these little tips we can enjoy spending more quality time with our kids.

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