Do you think children face peer pressure?

Do you think children face peer pressure?

Peer pressure is the feeling when child feels the need to adhere to a group of friends that they have. This peer pressure can influence how children dress, the things they want buy, what kind of music they listen to, the places they want hand out at etc. These characteristic and behavioral patterns usually develop at a very early age, when children actually start to try and get the other kids to play games they want.

Children face peer pressure at different stages of their lives as they grow to be teens and then adults. It is very important for a parent to identify this from its roots and always keep an eye on their kids because as they grow, parents need to be their support system and help them recognize and cope with their wants in terms of doing what they really want to do and to be able to say no to their peers whenever needed and still remain a part of the group.

Peer pressure is a progressive stage as parent you cannot know the effects overnight, they need to more cautious and know their children well and see the signs as they are growing and nip it at the bud. If you children start hanging out and do similar activities with a group of peers you don’t think they in fit in with then that’s the first sign for a parent to start working with their kids.

To tackle an issue as sensitive as peer pressure, parents will need to start spending more time with their kids, listen to them with more attention, Monitor their daily activities with a close eye and always keep a discussion open without being judgmental. This in turn will encourage your kids to share and discuss their problems with you making it an easier process for you as parent to help them out of peer pressure.

All of us as children or adults have faced peer pressure at some point of our lives. Let use this forum and share our experiences to help other learn from it.

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