Does your child need help with English language?

Does your child need help with English language?

As your toddler starts growing up, the way in which she’s going to start speaking and later on reading and writing English is always a priority on a parent’s mind. Here are some ways you can help your child learn English:

No baby talk – It has been advised by child experts for a while now, that the best way for your child to start learning a language is to hear it from you. This means no booboos and geegaws at least from your mouth. As she keeps hearing the structure of the language, her first words and sentences will also be based on the sort of language you use around her.

Teach with play – As your child starts showing comprehension towards language, there are many interesting ways you can teach him to start speaking and increase his vocabulary along the way. Starting with picture books and educational DVDs to even using apps on your phone for word and picture recognition, you can make it all into a fun game and your kiddo will not even realize that he’s absorbing all these new words as he enjoys all the colorful and playful means of learning. Once you get to the stage of reading too, by using means like phonics and sounds, your child will be delighted to start understanding all those squiggles on paper that she used to depend on you to read for her.

Writing tools – Children today start using magic markers and whiteboards with ease, and installing one of these in the room will encourage them to start experimenting. Once they start writing it’s an encouraging medium to try out new letters without the constriction of writing between the lines. There are also smaller boards available for younger children that have an easy erasing mechanism and can be reused with ease even by themselves.

Books – Even with all the electronic media around, there is no replacement for a book in the hand. If your child sees you reading, that’s the best way to inculcate the habit in her too. Once she starts reading books, the job of making her proficient in English is nearly done, without you needing to even spend too much time on it. You can just keep watching as her vocabulary grows every day and she throws an interesting new word at you during your conversations.

These are some points you can use to help your child to find a better way of communication. As your child grows up, you will find that a good knowledge of English forms a great base to bring about your child’s development too.

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