Does your kid master the three P’s ?

Does your kid master the three P’s ?

All the kids today surely have mastered two out of the three P’s being Pasta and Pizza’s how many have actually even tried the third 3rd one “Pea’s”. Are Brussels’ sprouts, beans and broccoli not showing up regularly at your family dinners?

Most parents these days have a battle with their kids trying to even get them to try vegetables. As the saying goes when you can’t beat them you be with them. Kids love playing games and its times Parents should start doing the same. But this time I think parents should try and choose to play healthy eating games to get their kids to eat all they think and is right for them.

Wonder how to play these games? Very simple, This New Year ‘s make a resolution, a fun and easy one. Promise to try 52 new variety of healthy food for the 52 weeks of the year. Every week you and your family can go to the farmers market together and have race to find a food not tried before this would also help you teach your kids about the local and seasonal food. Always put the kids in charge of finding different recipes and reward them if the dish actually turned to be a success. This also in turn teaches them to be more responsible and take ownership.

Last but not the least tip is to make this game more interesting: Maintain a journal with all the new food you have tried and different recipes experimented even the ones that have flopped. With this you surely can starting paving the way to a healthy future. Go on and try this healthy game and let us know how well it worked for you.

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