E-activities This Summer

E-activities This Summer

Don’t Say No To Gadgets

In our last post, we spoke about developing curiosity in children, this week we’re covering applications for popular platforms that will keep kids minds active during the holidays.

The summer holidays are a time for children to put their books aside and forget the classroom. iPads, gaming consoles and late night TV are picked over study material and textbooks, but just because kids are glued to their gadgets doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from them.

Five Apps That Kids Can Benefit From

Here are a few apps and games that will help teach children over the summer and keep their brains active and alert.

1)      QuizUp: (iOS and Android)
This trivia app has over 400 topics including math, literature and science. It’s a great way to test knowledge in different subjects and play against people from around the world.

2)      Sparknotes: (iOS and Android)
This app is great for readers and literature lovers. It provides detailed explanations, summaries and analysis of many novels and plays.

3)      2 Player Reactor: (iOS and Android)
This game requires sharp observation skills, quick thinking and speedy reflexes. The best part is, that this game has 2 player functionality, so it’s a great way for parents and kids to play against each other.

4)      2048: (iOS and Android)
This is a great math game. The objective is to slide the numbers across the grid and get them to add up to 2048.

5)      TED: (iOS and Android)
We’ve all watched a TED talk at least once. The app makes it easier to watch the educational videos and follow different speakers from popular TED talks.

Share Your Findings

These apps and games are a good source of information and provide kids with a fun and interactive means of learning. You will be able to find many more like these that will keep children engaged the right way. If you find any apps that you think will benefit kids, share them on our Facebook or Twitter page.


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