Early Learning – A Step to Success

Early Learning – A Step to Success

In our last newsletter, we discussed early learning and how it’s beneficial for kids to start as early as possible. This week we’re looking deeper into early childhood education.

The Facts

According to the Chicago Longitudinal Study that was conducted by the University of Minnesota, kids who attended an early childhood education program were 29% more likely to graduate high school than those who did not attend one. Kids are most impressionable during the first eight years of their life; their minds are like a sponge that absorb information at a rapid pace. It is also the time when kids form the habits that they will follow for the rest of their lives.

The early learning that takes place at ALOHA

The early learning that takes place at ALOHA

Benefits of Early Learning

The key areas that are directly affected by  early education are social and emotional development, improvement of language use and cognitive growth. The development of these areas are vital for a successful school life.

Here are a few advantages of early learning:

  • Gives your child a head start in the academic process
  • Develops attention span, learning abilities and common sense in the long run
  • Assists in making healthy relationships with peers and seniors

How you can help

Giving your kids a head start in school would be the best gift ever as a parent. The earlier a child begins learning and developing skills, leads to better performance at school, they are more likely to be ahead of their peers in school, cultivate socially accepted habits and get better grades.

Start the learning process as soon as possible and discover the genius in your child.

About ALOHA Mind Math

Founded in 1993, ALOHA Mind Math has been guiding children between the ages of five through 12 years to achieve academic excellence. The interactive learning process is proven to enhance a child’s math, reading and writing capabilities. The teachers also assist children in developing skills and abilities such as observation and listening that result in the overall growth of the child.

ALOHA Mind Math is currently training children in over 20 countries with 4200 different centers. For more details on this unique program, please visit alohamindmath.com or search for the center closest to you by using our locator alohamindmath.com/locations/

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    Ella Starr
    Posted at 19:12h, 02 June

    How interesting that you talk about how the earlier you introduce learning to your child the better for their development. My son is getting to the age where we are thinking of getting him started in early education. We will find a great early education program in our area.