How to Ensure Healthy Eating at Exam Time

How to Ensure Healthy Eating at Exam Time

Exams for kids can turn out to be a time of stress and food might either be exploited or ignored at such a time. While handing out that pack of chips might seem like the easiest solution, it is definitely not the healthy one. Here are some tips on how to help your kids eat smart and fuel their body and brain at exam time:

Eating at regular intervals: Rather than 3 heavy meals a day which will leave the kids in a sleepy state after each one, aim to give them smaller but more regular meals over the course of the day. This ensures that they receive the dose of energy and nutrition that you need, but keeps their brain alert as well.

Stock up on fruit: Fruits could serve as the easiest form of a healthy snack at the time of exams. A banana is just about a perfect snack with the amount of energy that it provides at one go through its natural sugars. Some other options are blueberries, apples, prunes and raisins. Nuts like almonds and walnuts, or a bowl of yogurt could serve as good additions to the fruit.

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Keep easy recipes and ingredients handy: A loaf of multigrain or whole-wheat bread is a great base to keep around for kids to make into a snack when they need one. You could also freeze some prepped and individual meals for them to easily reheat and use when needed. Some other easy meal ideas include whole-wheat muffins with veggies in them, baked potatoes and cottage cheese.

Don’t forget the fluids: It is very important to stay hydrated especially at times of high intensity like preparation for exams, as dehydration can cause a loss of concentration as well among other physical symptoms. Keep bottles of water and fresh fruit juice at your child’s side at all times, and remind them to drink a glass regularly. It is recommended that your child consume between 1.5 to 2 liters of fluids in the course of a day.

We hope that these easy eating tips should help you make your children eat healthy at times of stress and stay well-prepared to face the next exam.

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