Finding the Right Child Care Option – Aloha Mind Math

Finding the Right Child Care Option – Aloha Mind Math

For most working parents, finding the right care for their child is a quite a challenge, considering they need to leave their children in the best hands while away at work. With various childcare options that are available these days, parents can breathe a sigh of relief and ensure they find a safe and reliable child care facility. Here are some of the options parents can consider:

Crèches/ Day Care Centers

A popular option for most parents, day care centers offer various facilities for children across different age groups. A day care is considered a safe option as children not only interact with kids their age but also are watched well in an almost home like environment. Kids have play time, nap time and feeding time and follow a disciplined schedule. Most big cities have day care centers which are usually open between 8am and 8 pm on weekdays. In metros, daycare centers may offer extended hours and some may even be open for 24 hours to cater to the growing number of parents working night shifts.

Nannies/Baby Sitters

Nannies and baby sitters work well for mothers who need child care support for a few hours during the day when they are out on work. Enrolling with an agency for child care or contacting your local association will help find a nanny to help out with the baby. Alternatively post an Ad in the local magazine or papers for your requirement to find a reliable nanny. Interviewing the nanny and going by the previous work record and recommendation will go a long way in finding someone good and reliable.


If you live in the same city as your parents, nothing can beat the comfort of being able to rely on a family member to look after the child. Usually one finds grandparents are flexible and happy enough to look after your child, whenever it is required. This is the best case scenario since you will be rest assured your child is in safe hands.

It is essential to consider all options before making the right choice for your child. Evaluate the various types of childcare available, quality and cost. After all, every parent wants the best care for their child at all times.

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