Getting kids to start reading can be made easy and fun

Getting kids to start reading can be made easy and fun

Reading to your children every day is one of the most important things a parent can do. Not only you spend quality time with you children but also cultivate into them a habit which is a multidimensional process involving word recognition, comprehension, fluency, and motivation.

“Kindergarten and first grade lay the foundation for how kids feel about books throughout their education,” says Annemarie B. Jay, Ph.D., director of graduate and doctoral reading programs at Widener University, in Chester, Pennsylvania. As a kid I used to dread reading a book merely by just looking at the thickness of the book. Have you faced similar issues with your children?

It is very important for a parent not only to read to their children but to also teach them to read on their own and most importantly getting them to like doing it. You need to draw them to have an equally liking towards letters, sounds and words as much they have towards playing  board games. Learning to read is a simple process, it may take a while to develop reading proficiency but once the foundation is laid it’s for life and your kids will benefit from it forever.

I would like to share with you a few tricks which you could probably use to take your first steps towards getting your kids to start reading and off course enjoy doing it to.

Go beyond books; get your kids to read almost everything they come across in their daily life for example comics, game directions, cereal boxes, sign boards, store names when you’re driving, billboards, kid-friendly magazines or columns the list can go on. This gets them to comprehend and synthesize the information from what they’ve read.

Read it out aloud and engage your kids in the story; discuss the story plot with them this jump starts their imagination process and helps kids predict the story while illustrations often give them clues to word. They also build knowledge bank of words through this.

Bring in competition: List down 5 books which you and your kid can read and keep a tracker and see how far each one goes on daily basis. The winner obviously gets gift in form of BEST SELLER.

Enroll to the  Aloha Reading/Writing program which is an integrated approach to develop and strengthen communication skills. Aloha mind math reading writing programs have achieved some commendable results getting kids to bring about a structure in their reading skills which includes fiction and nonfiction passages from a variety of genres. The strength of this program is that it is not like tutoring programs in which the students are expected to sit for an hour and fill out worksheets.  In the Aloha Reading/Writing program the students are active learners as opposed to passive recipients of information.  They are engaged throughout the lesson and the active learning experience results in confident and effective communicators. Check them out here

Well I am going to be sharing these ideas with my friends and family and hope you can use them and do the same.

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