Give Your Child a Head Start

Give Your Child a Head Start

As the academic world gets more and more competitive, it is essential to ensure that your children stay ahead of the curve. Creating the proper academic foundation for young children also helps set the stage for future classroom performance and will help students reach their fullest potential.

While the number of institutions offering various educational services is growing, ALOHA is committed to offering comprehensive programs that are proven to consistently improve the math, reading, and writing skills of our students.

Proven Results:

Our courses are well-structured and have proven to yield successful results year-after-year, stimulating children to outperform their peers. We understand how critical the early development years are and our programs aim to help children build long-term skills when they are most capable of learning and retaining these concepts.

Custom Programs Based on Performance:

Our programs are customized so that each child can learn at his/her own pace. This ensures that our students are imparted appropriate training according to their level and will help them gain confidence and improve over time.

The ALOHA Mental Math System:

Our system of learning has been developed based on the learning, understanding, developing and retrieving capabilities of the minds of children in every age group.
The brain functions with tasks carried out by each of its hemispheres. The left hemisphere drives our logical quotient while the right hemisphere unleashes our creativity. Most children tend to utilize one hemisphere more than the other. This propensity to be “right-or-left-brained” can limit children’s full potential.

ALOHA’s Mental Math curriculum is designed to stimulate both hemispheres of the child’s brain, thereby enabling them to perform even complex calculations quickly and without the need of pen and paper. With such skills and mental capacities unleashed, children often outperform their peers.

Perks of our Program:

ALOHA offers additional educational services that improve your child’s efficiency in a number of analytical and logical areas. The benefits they receive can last a lifetime.

Here are some of the additional benefits of our programs:

  1. Improved concentration and focus
  2. Memory retention and retrieval
  3. Creativity & Visualization
  4. Analytical Skills
  5. Speed and accuracy in problem solving

Ensure your child gets an early start to our learning program and offer them a lifetime of opportunity.

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