Good writers are well read…

Good writers are well read…

The ability to write well does not come in handy only at the schools level, but also when your child moves into the career sphere. Writing then may apply to sending out an E-mail, drafting proposals, creating work related documents etc. where writing plays a major role. Creative writing usually takes a backseat, but there are simple ways in which a child’s creative writing skills can be honed.

Improve your kid’s writing skills

Read to and with your child Reading and writing go hand-in-hand; good writers are well read. This does not limit itself to just grammar and its usage, but in various subjects and writing styles. Your child’s teacher and local librarian can help you select books that are appropriate to your child’s age and interests. In addition to this also make your child read to you. Play word games             Word games are a great way to improve your child’s vocabulary and spelling. This will help kids to write better as they will have knowledge of more words that they can use in a particular context. Most of all word games are fun, so kids will enjoy it. Games like scrabble and boggle improve vocabulary. If you have more time on your hands you can make alphabet shaped biscuits and have them “eat their words” when they recognize them. Provide a place and materials for creative writing Just like how children have a quiet place to study and do homework, the same kind of space must be made for creative writing. A child’s area must include stationary (books, pens, erasers), an age appropriate dictionary, and a thesaurus if need be. Encourage daily writing Regular practice is the best way to improve writing skills, irrespective of the writer’s age. One of the things you can do is to ask your child to write about his day in school. You can also provide writing prompts in the form of pictures clipped from various sources or picture books without words. This makes sure that he will come up with a story on his own, thus increasing creativity also. Review your child’s work To help your child develop his writing skills, make sure that you check what he has written so that errors can be corrected and you make suggestions where he can improve. Also, make sure that you give him positive feedback on the aspects of his writing that you think were good. ALOHA offers comprehensive Reading and Writing classes for your kids. Visit our website for further details

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