Halloween – Treats not Tricks!

Halloween – Treats not Tricks!

Here are a few tips that ALOHA recommends to keep your Halloween activities safe so that it is more Treats than Tricks!

  1. Make sure your older children travel with at least one friend.
  2. Enlist a TRUSTED friend, parent or adult to accompany your younger children on their trick-or-treat route.
  3. Accompany your children to the door of the homes on your route. Know who will be giving your children treats.
  4. Children should avoid entering homes, unless you have discussed it the specific home with them.
  5. Only approach homes that are well lit inside and outside.
  6. Do not approach vehicles unless accompanied by you or the trusted adult is with them.
  7. Be seen – wear reflective clothing, carry a glo-stick or flashlight.
  8. Stay in high-traffic areas, don’t take short-cuts or enter isolated areas.
  9. Teach them to be aware of their surroundings. If someone they don’t know attempts to grab them, tell them to get “loud” and draw attention.
  10. Mask safety is important as well – can your child see and breathe properly.

Hopefully these tips will help you and your family have a wonderful Halloween!

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