Help Your Child be a Great Writer

Help Your Child be a Great Writer

Who is the 2nd most quoted writer in the English language? How do you think this person got started?  How could you encourage your child to become a great writer? Let’s explore.

How does your child feel about …? Being able to describe in words is a key fundamental of good writing.  Being able to share the five senses and feelings in writing will enable the reader to potentially feel the same emotions that the writer felt.  Ask your child to describe their favorite food activity or event.  How did it taste, feel, smell, look, sound?  What were the emotions that were felt?

How did an event take place? Ask your child to write out the steps of an event or a task as if they were attempting to teach the reader how to perform that task.  Perhaps have your child retrace the steps of an activity – First we…then we…then we…. Finally we… resulting in… This builds confidence as they can share their expertise to the newbie.

Does your child have a “pen-pal”? Even if it is a family member, ask your child to write a letter to someone that they do not see regularly.  Ask them to share their experiences with the person. Tell the recipient about a vacation or day-trip or how they felt about a movie they saw or a book they read.  This lets them practice not only descriptive writing, but the non-fiction style of writing – expository.

How persuasive can your child be?  When your child would like to do something like stay up late to watch a movie, or purchase a new gaming item, or stay at a friend’s house overnight, ask them to write a persuasive essay to help you make up your mind.  It helps the child develop their point of view, provide data or facts to support their argument for allowing them their wish.

These are just a few of the ways you can help your child explore their writing skills and become like the man who introduced almost 3000 words to the English language, wrote 37 plays, used up to 884,429 words in his plays.  If you haven’t guessed who our mystery writer is by now – it is William Shakespeare.

Watch as we explore a few more writing skills avenues in other blog posts.

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