Helping kids focus at home – Aloha Mind Math

Helping kids focus at home – Aloha Mind Math

Today, with the availability of so many gadgets and gizmos it is quite easy for a child to get distracted and forget about or not do tasks like homework properly. Yet, helping children develop self-discipline, effective focus strategies and concentration skills at an early age is a basis for long-term success. Here are some practical tips that parents can incorporate in a child’s routine to help the child focus:

Manage distractions

It is not possible to eliminate every possible distraction, but parents can minimize the number of things that grab a child’s attention away from the task at hand. It’s a good idea to start with technology: no phone, video games or computers till homework is done. Complete silence isn’t always mandatory, because research has shown that certain types of music help people concentrate better.

Establish rules for homework time

Children can never pass up an opportunity to go out and play with their friends. Unexpected distractions like a knock on the door to go out and play are unavoidable. Keeping this in mind is it necessary to let children know that homework and studying should be completed (neatly and correctly) before going out to play. Making sure they are systematic in their work and giving them the responsibility of doing a good job and not slip shot work will go a long way.

Set a study Place

Create a designated place in your home for independent study.  Make sure this space has a table and chair with enough room for books and other papers. Keep stationery readily available, there’s no harm in keeping extra supplies to avoid last minute trips to the store. When setting up a study space, look for a place that is quiet, where distractions are minimal. A well lit and ventilated area is also important.

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Rewards are a great way to motivate children, but they can easily become bribes. But the fact is, human beings respond to positive reinforcement. If you think a positive reward system will work to help motivate your children, avoid material, monetary or food rewards. Instead rewards can be based on spending quality time with your kids, for instance taking your kids to an amusement park. You can also ask your kids to think of things they’d like to do with you.

Learn What Work Style Works

Children need to see and understand the value of study, and kids have different ways of learning and processing information. Make it a point to see what works best for your child. Some children may work better if they are able to walk around and think out loud. Some children do better lying on the floor with their books spread around them. Once you find out what suits your child best, it will be easier to make a homework timetable. Being able to focus, concentrate and maintain good study habits are life skills that will set your children up for success in all aspects of their lives.

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