How to Develop Creative Writing Skills in Children

How to Develop Creative Writing Skills in Children

Some may feel that writers are born not made creative writing, but in reality this is far from the truth. With the right environment and preparation, any child can embark onthe amazing journey of creative writing.

Encourage reading: To be a good writer, a child needs exposure to different kinds of books and authors. The more he reads, the more he improves vocabulary and creativity without even realizing it. Do try to include poetry and various forms of writing as well as these will provide insights into different writing styles. Another interesting addition to your bookshelf would be to choose creative writing by children as a part of your child’s reading, which can be very inspirational.

Diary writing: From when your child starts telling you all about her day, give her a diary to write it all down in. Writing activities for children develop story-telling skills much better than when trying to verbally relate all the happenings of the day. This will teach her to streamline her thoughts and structure the day into parts, along with using the correct words and language to make the story sound interesting enough to hold a reader’s attention. This can serve quite well as one of the first creative writing exercises your child tries to perform.

Have fun together: Once you feel that your child’s diary writing skills have reached a point of proficiency try something a little more difficult, there are many activities you can come up with to keep her interested. Start with simple creative writing prompts, such as giving her a topic for debate, and asking her to write for or against the same.

Support from school: If your child is really interested in the subject, teachers at school will also help out by suggesting creative writing exercises to improve the writing skills of students. Other activities for creative writing may include more exposure to diverse creative subjects like theater.

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