How to Get Your Child Organized!

How to Get Your Child Organized!

Some children are naturally organized, but on most days it doesn’t seem like we are the lucky parents of those kids. In most of our homes, we need to work really hard to help our children get organized for school and other activities. Here are some tips for parents on how to get kids to listen and help get them organized:

Set an example: The easiest way to help your child learn is by example. If they see you putting things off and leaving messes around the house, they don’t understand that you will be clearing it up 10 minutes later, and might only take it as an implicit agreement that they can do the same. We as parents may need to pick up a few tips to be organized ourselves before helping children find ways to get organized.

Create a schedule: When young children start getting independent with their activities, it is a usual occurrence that getting ready for school becomes a long-drawn activity. One way to guide your child on how to be organized for school is to draw up a schedule of all the activities to be done in the morning, starting from brushing of teeth, and including every little step such as putting on their inner clothing. Before the child learns to read, you can use a chart with drawings, moving on to a written schedule and finally you will be surprised to find how quickly they begin to do all the tasks themselves without looking to you for help for every small step.

Make clear deadlines and guidelines: At a young age, children need help in establishing deadlines for activities like homework. Try to have a clear time established for weekday homework and weekend homework – for example, it is a big no-no to delay homework completion until Sunday evening, and your child should have a clear idea of such guidelines. The first few weeks may need quite a few gentle reminders, but soon you will need to work your weekend schedule around the homework as your child will insist they give it the priority it needs. Another important guideline is involving losing school items like pencils and erasers – make it clear to the child that although some loss is expected and understandable, it is important to be careful with their belongings.

With a few such ways to help children, it will be a matter of a few weeks or months before they settle into a calm schedule, and we will even begin to feel as though we were always the lucky parents of organized kids.

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