How to Help Improve Your Child’s Concentration

How to Help Improve Your Child’s Concentration

Do you feel as though your child is not paying enough attention at school or while doing homework? Conditions like ADHD in kids are a big concern for parents, especially when kids have problems focusing on their work. While this may be a possibility in a few cases, a lot of the time it is because of changes that occur as they are grow up and have more things to think about, as well as varying attention spans.

Here are some simple ways to try to improve our child’s concentration at home:

Basic needs: Make sure that all basic needs such as food and sleep are satisfactory, as these can be big factors which affect a child’s concentration. It is not easy to pay attention to anything much with a nagging stomach or with needing to yawn every 5 minutes. Once these are out of the way, it is much easier for you to understand how to improve your child’s concentration power.

Clear space: It is not easy for children to concentrate if the space around them is cluttered with toys or books, with something or the other attracting their attention away from the main assignment. In case a younger sibling is around, they should also not be a source of distraction, unless you can arrange for both to study quietly in the same environment.

Make things interesting: If the work that the child is involved in is a subject that is not so interesting for him, it is very natural for his attention to wander. If you feel this might be the case, then try to make the subject more interesting by introducing some fun activities related to the schoolwork. This could mean a new game on the iPad that touches on the same concepts, or even introducing a fun tool like the abacus to make math calculations more absorbing for the child.

Timeouts: On days when your child may have a lot of homework, do not try to make her sit and do it all at once. Fix a time period such as 20 or 30 minutes depending on how long you think your child’s attention span is and pick a timeout activity such as playing a short game, or just running around that will help your child recharge her batteries before getting down to serious work again.

Concentration exercises: If you feel that your child needs some additional help to him calm down and focus even after the above steps, teach him some relaxation and concentration exercises using techniques like yoga, which he can use to create a space for himself even in a crowded environment.

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