How to Help Kids with a Stage Performance – Aloha Mind Math

How to Help Kids with a Stage Performance – Aloha Mind Math

Schools nowadays are quite inclusive when it comes to performances on stage, and some smaller schools encourage all kids to have their time in the limelight. As parents, we might sometimes worry about how our young kids might perform in front of an audience, so here are a few tips:

Practice, practice, practice: Make sure that the child knows his or her part, as that is the best way to build confidence. If it is a dance, try to get the music from the teacher so you can get the child to practice at home occasionally. If they are having extensive practice sessions at school, do not overdo it at home though as children may tire easily, but you can take the teacher’s advice and proceed accordingly.

Teach your kids about audience interaction: One of the important ways to engage an audience is to teach your child about looking into the eyes of the spectators. This is especially important in debates and speeches, and occasionally at times when trying to make a point during a play. For younger children, teaching them about facing towards the audience, and keeping a smile on their face may be good enough.

Make sure they are ready: On the day of the event, it may be that because of sickness or stage fear, the child may not be ready to perform. Be prepared for eventualities, and try to encourage them with pep talks, instead of forcing them to go on stage. Most of the time with some gentle support from your end, they will gain confidence and go ahead.

Dress rehearsals: In case of an unfamiliar stage, or unusual costumes, it is a good idea to try them all before the actual event. This way your child will gain comfort in what they are wearing, as well as know their way around the ups and downs of a new stage area.

These small tips should help, but a few times, it may happen that the kid just does not manage to perform to the best of his potential, or even go up on stage. We as parents should be supportive and positive, and encourage the child well enough so that the next time will be a better experience.

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