How to Keep Kids Busy in the Festive Season – Aloha Mind Math

How to Keep Kids Busy in the Festive Season – Aloha Mind Math

We have just got through Christmas, and it’s already time for New Year and the next celebration. This usually means a lot of guests, a couple of parties, and lots of friends and family at home, and that also means a lot of kids. While it is easy to keep a couple of kids occupied when we need to get other work done, when it comes to a larger group this may prove a bit tougher. Here are some ways to de-stress and keep groups of kids occupied and happy:

Find some group games: Twister can be a very good one that can keep kids merry and occupied for a couple of hours. Others like Dumb Charades or Pictionary can also be good fun, if there are older children around to direct the activities a little bit.

A Christmas Movie: There are a lot of children’s Christmas movies around that are completely appropriate viewing for kids without constant chaperoning by parents. Miracle on 34th Street is an old but evergreen favorite, and will keep kids of all ages enthralled.

Craft activities: Most kids will be happy with some colored paper and scissors, or sheets of paper and crayons, or a craft corner with a variety of such activities. If you have older kids who are game to help, they can even demonstrate simple origami pieces to the younger children to help them learn.

Give them simple chores: You will have a multitude of things to do, and it’s always good if the kids feel like they are doing their little bit. From clearing up their spaces after they are done playing to helping serve the guests, or keeping the water jugs filled, there are a lot of simple tasks they can do to help you out.

Storytelling sessions: Here again you might need at least one of the older children to help out by telling a story to the younger ones. This can be added to by sessions of “Make up your own story” or “Tell it in your own words” and before you know it the dinner will be all done, and the kids kept happy.

Hope some of these are going to help you out during your New Year festivities. Wish you a very happy festive season and a wonderful new year.

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