iGifts for kids this season:

iGifts for kids this season:

During the season of celebrations and holidays, what do you think one looks forward the most for? Did you say GIFTS?

Yes your right. One looks forward most to getting and giving gifts during this season of the year. In today’s era most kids wish lists and gifts registries are technologically heavy and mostly driven by an Apple product. Please share your views here with me if you think any differently.

Most American kids aged 6 years and above show an exponentially increasing interest towards the latest iOS offerings and a few other electronic and gaming devices such as computers, Nintendo Wii, Xbox etc.

In a recent Nielsen study Approximately half the children surveyed expressed interest in the full-sized iPad (up from 44% last year), and 36 percent in the new iPad Mini. The iPod Touch and iPhone are also coveted devices among these young consumers (36% and 33%, respectively). This surely shows kids’ holiday gaming and electronics appetites are whet by a number of top-selling Apple devices – with the iPad leading the pack.

With so many products to choose from across both existing and emerging technologies, electronics are well positioned to find their way onto wish lists again this season – and parents will clearly have some tough decisions to make as they weigh kids’ wants against their holiday budgets and making this an exciting sector to watch this holiday shopping season.

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