Improving your kid’s mental math capability

Improving your kid’s mental math capability

Mental math means practicing calculations in your head. Often, it’s used in calculating an estimate very quick with the use of math facts that is instilled in the memory like multiplication, division, or double facts. Children who exercise mental math make calculations in their heads without any use of pencil and paperwork. Students who grasp the technique of mental math will find that it’s helpful to them both in the school and outside the classroom. 

Ways to improve mental math

Some students will be good at some kinds of mental math than others. Some of them will find it easy to add and subtract and difficulty in multiplication and division, especially when huge numbers are into play. If your kid is facing a challenge in solving all kinds of mental math, you need to get to the root of the problem. Here are some of the ways to improve mental math capability of a child.

Practicing tricks and strategies

Mental math involves the usage of certain techniques to solve specific problems, rather than remembering the answers to questions. Start making use of flashcards, online video, math games websites that offer fun and interactive learning to instill the math concepts of your child.

Application in real life

 Encourage your child to benefit from simpler tasks, such as how many apples more you require if you want five and you already have two with you. This helps in increasing their math skills and helps them calculating it faster.

Hands-on play

Hands-on learning will help your child in improving key concepts rather than just memorizing math facts.
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