Jack of all trades master of none!

Jack of all trades master of none!

Jack of all trades master of none! Most parents would have used this phrase on their kids.

How difficult do parents find it to get their kids hooked on to an extracurricular activity and then have them to master it. Children these days have a very short span of attention and easily get distracted, they quickly tend to get bored and want to shift or even sometimes quit these classes. As parents how would one tackle this issue?

To start with listen to what your child thinks about his after school classes. Are complains like the classes are boring, teachers are strict, I am not interested in the class or simply none of my friends do this?

Once you have heard them out the next step should be to interact with the other kids and their parents who take the same classes. Understand the teaching style and enroll the teacher in to help motivate your kid. Leverage on the Buddy system: Try to find friends who are taking the same instrument, and with the help of the teacher get line up your kid with a few of the fellow students who are motivated and doing well. Introduce a little friendly competition (No harm trying it!). Get involved in a positive way by listening to your child’s experience the class and make positive observation which in turn should encourage them. Always help them recognize that they will soon enjoy all the reward for the efforts and time they put in.

At last remind your child that quitting a particular class may be a decision they will deeply regret later on.

I am sure as parent after you have tried all this you have given your best shot here and the rest is destiny. Please share your experiences with us if you have tackled a situation like this.

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