Keeping Kids Curious

Keeping Kids Curious

“The first and simplest emotion which we discover in the human mind is curiosity.”

– Edmund Burke

Nurturing curiosity in children

As children, we were much more curious about the things around us and how they worked. With a head full of questions we would ask our parents and pester them for an explanation on anything that tickled our interest. As we grew older, we either found the answers we wanted (what we would like to believe) or our curiosity just disappeared. Today, information on anything is generously available in books and on the internet. It is a great way for kids to get all their queries answered.


ALOHA students nurturing their curiosity.

5 ways to build your child’s inquisitiveness

It is important to raise a curious child and encourage them to ask questions not only at home but also at school, this will also help them get a better grasp of what is being taught in class. Here are a few ways you can fuel your child’s curiosity.

  1. Converse with your child.
    Having a regular conversation with your child about their day or what’s happening in the news is a great way to intrigue your child. Conversation is the best way to foster curiosity.
  2. Organize a group play time.
    A lot can be learnt when kids play together, even a simple board game like Pictionary. They learn to plan, strategize, work together as a team and answer each other’s queries.
  3. Solve puzzles together.
    The brain is well exercised while children solve puzzles like jigsaws, crosswords or even building-blocks. Puzzles help to unleash a child’s creativity and imagination.
  4. Break away from routine.
    Introduce something new into your child’s day, take them somewhere new or make them eat something different. Adding something new outside their everyday routine is a great way to make youngsters ask questions.
  5. Encourage your child to read.
    Reading is an activity that can generate an unlimited number of questions. It is also a good way to improve your child’s imagination and vocabulary.

A curious child is a smart child

Cultivating curiosity is a must to keep children in loop with what’s happening in the news and their local environment. ALOHA helps by giving children the confidence they need to raise questions when in doubt, both inside and outside the classroom.

About ALOHA Mind Math

Founded in 1993, ALOHA Mind Math has been guiding children between the ages of 5 through 12 years to achieve academic excellence. The interactive learning process is proven to enhance a child’s math, reading and writing capabilities. The teachers also assist children in developing skills and abilities such as observation and listening that result in the overall growth of the child.

ALOHA Mind Math is currently training children in over 20 countries with 4200 different centers. For more details on this unique program please visit or search for the center closest to you by using our locator

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