Looking at complete brain development for your child? Think Abacus

Looking at complete brain development for your child? Think Abacus

Did you know that in the normal school scenario, it is predominantly your child’s left part of the brain that is getting stimulated? This is because most of the speech, writing and analytical areas of the brain lie on the left side, and these are the ones used most in conventional learning situations. The right side contains the areas dealing with analysis by touch, creativity and spatial visualization that is required in some specialized subjects and areas and not stimulated all the time.

If you are interested in a process of learning that stimulates both the left and right brain and contributes to complete brain development, it is essential that you explore the technique of mental mathematics called Abacus. Children first learn to use the physical abacus for calculations and as they get more experienced they progress to using an abacus in the mind – what a great way to combine spatial recognition as well as analytical calculations at the same time. After a few months of Abacus classes your child may astound you by handling a question like 348 X 875 / 46 with ease.

Introducing your child to Abacus can give him or her many benefits and not just related to mental math calculations. You will notice improvements such as a better attention span and leaps in logical reasoning, all due to a better mental focus. Abacus at advanced stages works towards completely eliminating the use of pen and paper, and even the questions are comprehended by the child mentally which brings about much sharper listening skills. Other aspects like memory and observation will also show a change for the positive.

Proficiency in mathematics is a great foundation for your child and will help him or her gain confidence in facing exams and assignments related to the subject in the future. Math is just the beginning, and with continued effort in this area, you will definitely find an all-round development in all scholastic subjects.

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