Math Can Be Fun – Aloha Mind Math USA

Math Can Be Fun – Aloha Mind Math USA

Math is everywhere. At home, work, school and play. Some children grow up with an aversion to the subject of mathematics; this may be due to the fact that they are forced to learn something without really understanding the concept of the subject. Math is an interesting subject and has to be taught the right way. A young child starts to understand the concept of numbers as young as three years of age. They use math in their everyday life is so many ways. Math is everywhere. And it is easy to develop an affinity to the subject and incorporate math day to day life, if it is taught in a fun way.

Take these pointers to make Math fun and interesting for your child:

Games & Activities

An abacus is a great tool to teach Math. Expose your kids to play with educational toys and games. Building blocks, Jigsaw puzzles, Rubik’s cubes, toys that involve moving parts around and fitting objects together help develop spatial reasoning. This in turn builds the foundation for mathematical understanding.

Math in the Kitchen

Involve your child in the kitchen and assign her the responsibility of a chef. Teach them to measure ingredients while cooking and they will learn ratios and proportions. Not only will they learn to cook, but will understand the everyday math behind it.

Watch & Play Sports

Help your child develop an interest in sports. It could be any sport that the child may take a liking to. Encourage your child to keep score of the game, count the number of players, and tally points.

Shopping is Fun

Take your child to the grocery store or a mall when there is a sale and ask them how to calculate discounts and percentages. You can also allocate a budget to your child and ask them to make purchases accordingly.

Going Out

When the family goes out to have a meal and the bill arrives, ask your child to calculate the totals on the bill, including the tip. This will not only teach the child math, but will also get the family to spend quality time together.


Walking, jogging or running is a great way to teach your child about distances. So if you have walked 1mile in 15 minutes, your child will learn to correlate distances vs. time. And this will give you both a good healthy workout too.

Math can be loads of fun, so go ahead and encourage your child to love the subject.

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