Math Careers

Math Careers

Have you wondered what kind of career you can have if you love math?  Have you ever wondered how much math you need to do certain jobs?

Take a look at some of these sites
Mathematical Association of America – is an organization to which you can belong that also offers a rather extensive listing of career areas in which a background in mathematical sciences is useful.  While not all of the jobs are require advanced mathematics, some may include features that involve the ability to solve complex situational problems. They are written by real people to whom students could reach out and do informational interviews.  Read more

Cool Math – is a website with a number of tools and resources to help you while away the hours over a variety of math situations.  One of the pages is a list of resources that could help you figure out what you could use math for as a career. Read more

We Use Math – offers a number of resources for people in math and investigating a career in math.  They have a list of 40+ careers that require a the use of math in some fashion.  The jobs include salary information, education, math required, when math is used and other facts about the jobs.  Red more

What are some resources you have found?

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