Mission to Raise Schools’ Test Scores Nationwide

Mission to Raise Schools’ Test Scores Nationwide

ALOHA Mind Math Centers are on a Mission to Raise Schools’ Test Scores Nationwide: Center Helps Students Prepare for State Standardized Tests

ALOHA Mind Math Centers are on a mission to raise school’s standardized test scores nationwide. The 2013 grade and middle school test scores have been published and the nationwide results are mixed. Only 26% of high school graduates met all four benchmarks in math, reading, English, and science, on ACT’s College Readiness Benchmarks, according to the annual college readiness report by the non-profit organization. Each state sets its own standardized testing and requirements per grade level.

Some students may do well in class, but perform poorly on standardized tests. For many students their anxiety overcomes them. Some students may overthink the questions, while others may suffer from what seems like brain fog.

At ALOHA Mind Math Centers we see amazing things from students and it is exciting to see them outperform their peers in school. Part of the ALOHA Mind Math curriculum prepares students for standardized reading, mathematics, and writing tests, and works on study skills like focus, memory, cognitive reasoning, problem solving, and quick thinking. While certain types of calculators are permitted in grades 4 through 8 on some state tests, it is not uncommon for ALOHA Mind Math students to calculate with speed and accuracy, solve math calculations mentally without pen and paper, calculator, or other aids. They also develop vital learning skills, study skills, endure and manage stress and pressure in their studies.

Five students from the ALOHA Mind Math Center in Simi Valley, California, received a perfect score, 600 out of 600, on the California State STAR testing.

“Our kids, their parents, and staff are so excited with their achievement,” stated Nagaraj Raja, Director of Simi Valley ALOHA Mind Math Center.

At the ALOHA Mind Math Center in Irvine, California, “Two of our students scored a perfect score on the Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR)  test,” says ALOHA Mind Math Center Director Frany Shah. “In fact, many of our students scored really high in math, placing them in the advanced category on the 2013 California STAR Test.”

Perhaps one of the reasons is that we make learning fun.

About ALOHA Mind Math

The unique academic enrichment programs at ALOHA Mind Math Centers help children 5 years-old through 12 years-old be the best they can be to get ahead in all academic areas. This interactive learning method promotes the development and engagement on both sides of the brain, designed for frustrated learners or high-achieving gifted students. Through instructor-led, small group tutoring sessions, children improve their focus, develop vital learning skills, as well as study and life skills, and advance their self-confidence to excel in reading, math, language arts, and science, to ultimately persevere in the face of adversity to go after their dreams. Discover the genius in your child.

ALOHA Mind Math was founded in 1993 and introduced in the United States in 2006. ALOHA Mind Math continues to experience growth beyond their current presence in 18 states, 23 countries, and 4,200 locations worldwide. To learn more about ALOHA Mind Math reading, math, and language arts programs, or to schedule an orientation at a center near you visit www.alohamindmath.com/locations.

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