Mistakes are the portals of discovery

Mistakes are the portals of discovery

All parents have different ways of dealing with children’s mistakes. One of the common approaches nowadays it to make light of them, so as not to affect the child’s psyche by pointing them out too much. It is debatable whether this is the best way to prepare a child to face the future and bigger challenges in life.

Experts in child development suggest that it is better to let children understand mistakes and figure out a way to resolve the issue themselves. We as parents would probably be surprised by the inventive problem solving skills that this leads to. It is also a great natural method of improving the intelligence and IQ of a child, since it helps the child figure what the problem is all about, rather than just learning from rote. Once such an outlook is fostered in the child, give him a math problem, and he will strive at arriving at the solution despite making mistakes. Such a practice enables children to be more independent with their homework.

Along with encouraging a child to be independent and learn from their mistakes, it is also equally important to praise their efforts. Developmental theories show that children may have different learning styles, and each one may take their own time to handle such an approach.By enabling your child’s self-efficacy, you will be preparing and encouraging him/her to be his/her own person and handle even high-stress situations with confidence. When faced with a situation such applying for as a scholarship, such a child will not back away or be worried about failure, but will think of applying multiple times to succeed.

To put all that in a nutshell, we need to

  • Give children the space to learn from their own mistakes and not jump in to do everything for them.
  • Not harp on earlier mistakes, but discuss the one at hand and what might have gone wrong, so that the child gets a hint of what went wrong and to correct themselves.
  • Encourage and praise children when they solve problems on their own.
  • Support their independence by letting them treat their mistakes as stepping stones.

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