Preparing a Study Timetable for going back to school

Preparing a Study Timetable for going back to school

This very recent article by The Canadian Press quotes UBC Psychology Instructor Catherine Rawn as saying that cramming is not an effective strategy for studying, as it does not help to retain information in the long-term. This highlights the importance of having a study timetable, especially at exam time, and even as a strategy at the beginning of the school term. Here are some tips to keep in mind while preparing a study timetable:

  1. Plan an appropriate amount of time for every subject. This need not necessarily be equal for each subject, but might depend on how long you think it would take you to prepare a particular topic. If your strength is English, it might take you less time to study for this subject, so you could put in extra time at something like Spanish or Math.
  2. Give yourself time to relax as well. You can plan this depending on what works for you, maybe half an hour of studying and 10-15 minutes of doing something else such as reading a book or going for a jog, before getting down to studying again.
  3. Make sure your study time is distributed over the semester well, without just cramming just before the exam. In this way, you only need to factor in some time for revision and you are set for any test or exam that comes up.

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  4. Take inputs from your teachers and family members, especially older siblings about how to plan your study time and learn to manage your time better. Siblings who have been through the same experience just a couple of years before you can really give you some great tips.
  5. Do not factor in a large amount of time for studying as school begins. The first weeks back at school may be reasonably free from studying as it takes time to settle into classes and really get into the course work. So plan your time accordingly, with more time given to leisure activities, but these might take a bit more of a back seat once you get into the swing of things.

Having a well thought out timetable can really help you approach your schoolwork with more confidence, and also improve your concentration. Another great avenue to help achieve these goals is to join Abacus and English classes at Aloha USA. Please see our website for more details:

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