Presidents Day

Presidents Day

President’s Day is a celebration of both George Washington’s and Abraham Lincoln’s Birthdays. The Presidents are sorts of gifts that keeps on giving. Though they were born more than 100’s of years ago, we all still get the day off around their birthday. With schools closed and hopefully offices, as well, all of us suddenly have a bonus day to do fun stuff with the kids.

Fun for kids today is most probably eating out and having a game day with their friends, how many of us have actually put in some thought to know if our kids would know the reason behind having a holiday and celebrating it in true spirits?

All said and done, I always wonder what one could do to keep the spirit of the holiday (President’s day) alive and still have fun. Do you face a similar problem? I have come up with a list of activities which will allow you to educate your kid about the reason for getting a holiday, celebrating the holiday and letting them have a high quotient of fun as well. Yeah, History always does not have to be boring and a drag. There are lots of fun ways to get kids thinking about America’s Presidents. Here are few ideas that can help you get started on this day:

Teach with fun: Ist always easy to remember short stories and especially the fun ones too. This Presidents’ Day you can share fun facts about The Presidents with your kids

Try out your crafting skills: Wall Flags, you and your kids can make the patriotic flag pennant by using a paper grocery bag or probably make a President’s Day powdered wig; you can work with your kids to make a white wig with cotton balls.The result is really cute and I am quiet sure kids would love to dress up as Presidents of the past.There is an endless list of what you can make, take a quick spin around the web as it churns out some really cool and easy ideas of what you and your kids could craft together this Presidents day.

Watch a movie: It’s a great day to watch a movie that gives you a brief insight into the American history or simply for some to be a proud American. Few suggestions: “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”, “Primary Colors” , “W.”, “J.F.K.” and you could add as many as you like to this list.

Read out a story: Legends have always been fascinating. Share the story of George Washington’s Cherry Tree, the humble beginnings of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington’s Teeth, or Looking at Lincoln or the story from  Peter Roop’s book “Let’s Celebrate President’s Day.”

I am going to be trying one of these if not all, we would like to know your plans and how you would spend your holiday this President’s’ Day. Go on and share your stories with us.

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