Program Can Help Primary Grade Students with Math

Program Can Help Primary Grade Students with Math

ALOHA Mind Math programs can help children in Kindergarten through Third Grade with basic math concepts and skills that they may missed in school, such as counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and money.

EDISON, NJ, February 28, 2014 – ALOHA Mind Math offers an answer to parents and teachers who are frustrated with their underachieving children in primary grades.

Once children are eight or nine years old they have learned a significant amount of math concepts. For example, children may grasp the early learning math concepts of counting to 10 or 100, but might not have learned other counting skills. Sometimes concepts are missed and it is not until a child begins learning higher math concepts that a misstep is noticed.

For example, an eight year-old may be able to count to 1000, count by 10’s and 100s, but may be unable to count by two’s. This can affect everything from simple to complex math problems to fractions, measuring and money.

What can be done? When a parent notices that their child has challenges seek professional help immediately. This way the child can begin learning the basic math concepts and skills and move forward with their education. In the long run this will build the child’s confidence to handle routine daily math. Some of these skills may include, figuring out which grocery item is the best buy, count change correctly, and measure ingredients correctly when cooking and baking. Parents can start keeping track of the daily habits which involve math to make it a realization for the child of the importance to practice and learn the real implication of using math daily.

Everything an adult does involves some form of counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. This small observation is one that children can establish a solid foundation in education, build a brighter future, and affect every aspect of their entire life.

About ALOHA Mind Math

The unique academic enrichment programs at ALOHA Mind Math Centers help children 5 years old through 12 years old be the best they can be to get ahead in all academic areas. This interactive learning method promotes the development and engagement on both sides of the brain, designed for frustrated learners or high-achieving gifted students. Through instructor-led, small group tutoring sessions, children improve their focus, develop vital learning skills, as well as study and life skills, and advance their self confidence to excel in reading, math, language arts, and science, to ultimately persevere in the face of adversity to go after their dreams. Discover the genius in your child.

ALOHA Mind Math was founded in 1993 and introduced in the United States in 2006. ALOHA Mind Math continues to experience growth beyond their current presence in 18 states, 23 countries, and 4,200 locations worldwide. To learn more about ALOHA Mind Math reading program, math program, and language arts programs, or to schedule an orientation at a center near you visit our locations

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