Program for Pre-Kindergarten

Program for Pre-Kindergarten

At Aloha Mind Math, we offer a Pre-Kindergarten program for kids to provide the maximum educational learning experience. We preach the best learning practices in a cozy and encouraging environment as well as foster an environment of love and concern. Our educational program takes care of perceptive, social, emotional, spiritual and physical development of the whole world. The program for pre-kindergarten will:

  • Offer kids a sense of self-confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem.
  • Inculcate language development as well as creativity that helps each student to bring the best out of them. 
  • Offers various opportunities to students through weekly art classes and music education.
  • We have special library timing, time for physical education and also cooperative activities.
  • We motivate kids to function in a group by teaching values of friendship, cooperation, and values. 
  • An environment is created that acknowledges and increases the natural learning process, inquisitiveness, and enjoyment present in all the young minds.
  • A model of cooperation and support is formed between the teachers, parents, school, and kids that represent it as a family.


Every day of your child in school will be a new learning process, exploring a variety of cultures, learning solving simple addition and subtraction problems, creating a simple pattern, sing songs, creating a piece of art and a lot more fun activities. Children are offered the full freedom to engage themselves in any activities of their choice including plays, art, music, writing, etc.
If you are looking for programs for pre-kindergarten, visit us at Aloha Mind Math and build the best educational foundation of your children. We include even maths programs for Pre-Kindergarten. Our instructors are trained well as well as have degrees in offering early childhood education. Contact us today and take a step ahead in building your kid’s bright future.

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