Request for Testimonials from Parents & Students

Request for Testimonials from Parents & Students


Calling all ALOHA Mind Math customers! Did you have a great experience with ALOHA Mind Math? Tell us your story so we can share it with the world. We are requesting testimonials from current and former parents and students. ALOHA needs your testimonials to complete a project.

Please submit your testimonials by email to between January 16, 2014 and February 28, 2014. EXTENDED until MARCH 8, 2014 Each submitted testimonial will be placed into a drawing for a prize. The prizes for the drawing include one iPad*, three $100 Amazon gift cards, and five $50 Amazon gift cards.  Nine winners will be selected to win during the drawing. Drawing for prizes will take place March 12, 2014.  Winners will be notified by email, announced in an upcoming issue of the ALOHA TIMEXTABLES newsletter,  and shared on our website and social media.

The requirements for testimonials include:

  • Submission must be from a current or former ALOHA Mind Math student or parent of an ALOHA Mind Math student at an ALOHA USA location.
  • Items below with a star are required and must be included in testimonial submission.
    • *Student First and Last Name, Age, Grade or Program Level


    • *Photo and release (by submitting your testimonial your grant permission to ALOHA Mind Math to use the photo and testimonial in any marketing materials, printed or on the web)
    • *Parents first and last names
    • *Contact information including email, phone and mailing address
    • *Enrolled in which ALOHA programs, and for how long (we will verify location)
    • *Director name and/or ALOHA Center
    • How much of the success do the parents attribute to participation in the ALOHA program?
    • What was the specific reason(s) for the parent entering the child into ALOHA’s programs?
    • What specifically did ALOHA work on with the student?
    • Since being enrolled at ALOHA how has the child excelled at ALOHA and at school?
    • In the parents words, what might have happened if the child had not come to ALOHA?

Your testimonials will help us encourage students or their parents who struggle with math, reading or writing, about the benefits that ALOHA can provide them. Any questions, as well as, your success stories may be directed to  Submission time frame is January 16, 2014 through February 28, 2014EXTENDED until MARCH 8, 2014. *A minimum of 50 submissions will be required before the iPad prize is awarded.

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