Which side of your brain?

Which side of your brain?

Have you ever met someone who says, “I am right-brained.” or “I am left-brained.” OR have you ever heard someone say they have challenges with math or science, but they can draw or write beautifully? There is a reason why some people lean toward certain professions, because their brain pulls them toward those particular skills.

Which side of your brain is more dominant?

This illustration shows how people’s brains are divided into two hemispheres.  One functions based on words, the other on images. Depending upon which side of a person’s brain develops more fully is how someone may gravitate toward certain activities, skills or even careersRight or Left brain, which way do you lean?. Additionally, someone who has suffered a brain injury requires rehabilitation depending upon which side of the brain is affected. For example, if someone has trauma to the left side, their speech and language skills may be affected.

Most humans only use 10% of their brain power. Currently, many educational systems encourage the development of only the left hemisphere.

Many geniuses, like Albert Einstein have highly developed right hemispheres. The left side of the brain is used for sequential thinking, listening skills, logical analysis and language. The right side of the brain focuses more on photographic memory. imagination, creativity, concentration and spatial orientation. That is why a very creative person may say, “I am so right-brained!”

At ALOHA, our mental  arithmetic process helps encourage the development of both the right and left hemispheres of the child’s brain. By using an abacus, the students eventually use a mental image of the abacus to help them solve the complex mathematical problems with which they are challenged. By excelling in this one area, our students develop the other skills that will almost always result in improvement in all aspects of their development at school and home.

Which side of your brain is more active? Watch our video to help you understand the ideas further.

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