Spoon-feeding Vs. Applied learning for kids

Spoon-feeding Vs. Applied learning for kids

An experienced teacher says in this article, that children learn better when left to their own methods, compared to being spoon-fed. As a parent, I would tend to agree with this wholeheartedly. As young parents, we tend to over-think and over-protect our kids, worrying about hurting them in case of anything going wrong. In reality, we might be helping students to learn more by letting them explore and learn a lot of things on their own. Here’s why: Engages attention better: A child concentrating to learn something on his own will pay much better attention to the activity, compared to just being expected to listen to a teacher or parent trying to explain something theoretically. This is one reason why systems of learning such as Montessori show a very good impact on children. Better retention:Once a subject is learnt with experimenting and analysis, it stays in memory much better. Children who learn through applied systems of learning will find it much easier to remember the fundamentals, compared to someone who was spoon-fed all the information and hasn’t actually understood the basics.

Spoon-feeding Vs. Applied learning

Improves creativity: Rote learning limits students by forcing them to remember just a standard set of answers to particular questions. A system that evaluates based on application helps enhance creative thinking and will form a great foundation for higher levels of learning. Builds confidence: Introducing children to independent methods of learning is a great way to improve their confidence. This also encourages life skills such as questioning and discussion that will prove great companions for your growing kids. Teaches listening skills: With better attention comes a better aptitude for listening and comprehending information. When there is no constant stream of spoon-fed information, the child is better able to pay attention when necessary. These are just some of the reasons why we need to expose our children to processes of applied learning, and take care to not spoon-feed them however tempting the option might be. Teaching skills to children is very important – similar to the saying about teaching someone to fish rather than providing them fish the one time. One great method of applied learning, along with a way to build confidence in your child would be our Math and English classes at Aloha. Please see our website for more details: http://www.aloha-usa.com

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