Success with ALOHA

Success with ALOHA

ALOHA Mind Math’s programs for children five years-old to twelve years-old are scientific-designed to motivate and stimulate young minds, and develop a passion for reading and writing. We are proud to share with you the benefits families have obtained from our proven interactive learning method in our 3,000 centers worldwide.

Through their individual stories we hope you understand the struggles many children deal with daily in their schoolwork. Each child has their set of circumstances and issues.

“At ALOHA, our aim is not only have an impact on children’s academic performance, but to have an all-around effect that also results in improving confidence and achieving excellence,” stated Mani Manickavelu, ALOHA CEO and President.

ALOHA has helped thousands of children rid the feeling of being intimidated of math or reading. They also learned to be a problem solver, develop confidence, manage their emotions, and handle decision-making “Both of our kids joined the Aloha Mind Math program at the same time. They had frustrations focusing on their school work and homework and doing problem-solving. We were totally amazed with their improvement! My son won the Center Level Junior Championship by solving 95 math problems in 5 minutes! We give credit to Aloha Mind Math and the teachers who are really professional and who helped us to realize their’ potential. – Rashmi, parent from Aloha South Brunswick, New Jersey

“My kids have been in the ALOHA Junior and Senior programs since September (6 months). It works great for them. Their math has improved a lot! They do very well in school now.” – Cindy Yip, Aloha parent from Irvine, California

How Aloha Mind Math Has Helped Me – Students’ Stories

“My experience at Aloha is great. I am learning how to do quick mental math, hard addition and subtraction. The other part is reading comprehension and how to write great essays. In English class we learn different techniques to read and write. Going there helps me a lot in school and with the NJASK tests. Recently I just won third place in the Third grade vocabulary contest! I even was accepted into the Gifted and Talented group! I recommend going to Aloha Mind Math. I would rate Aloha 5 stars!” – ALOHA Third Grade student from South Edison, New Jersey

“ALOHA Mind Math has helped me tremendously at school. Before I started going to ALOHA, I used to struggle in math class and use Touch Points, a technique I learned all the way back in the first grade. Now that I take classes here, I feel more confident in my school work. The last day of sixth grade, my math teacher had us solve math problems. The other kids needed pencil and paper. I quickly added 12 numbers in my head using the mental technique my ALOHA teachers taught me in my lessons.” – ALOHA (Senior Level) Sixth Grade student from South Edison, New Jersey

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