The impact of online games on kids – Aloha Mind Math

The impact of online games on kids – Aloha Mind Math

This article about how kid’s online games might surreptitiously be introducing advertising targeted at kids raises a very real concern. While most parents may have parental control measures on their computers to protect kids, we might not always think about the messages sent to kids through advertising gimmicks like this one. These are not the only concerns related to children spending too much time online either; here are some more things for parents to be aware of:

Behavioral changes: When kids spend too much time online, you might find a lot of changes in their behavior and attitudes. This could be a range of things starting from becoming more of a loner because of preferring to spend time with their computer, or in some cases there have even been reports of an increase in violent or aggressive behavior. Parents need to be aware of the exact contents of a game, maybe sit and play a few times with a child before allowing anything, instead of only depending on the creator’s age labeling.

Online identity exposed: Depending on the kind of game the child is playing, it might expose his or her identity to wrongdoers, for example in chat rooms connected with the game. Though the actual game might be age appropriate, it is difficult for parents to regulate all associated pages or popups. Not just in games, this is a concern even when kids spend unregulated time on social networking sites.

Affects schoolwork: If the time spent online and on gaming is not strictly watched, it is possible for kids to get addicted to a particular game, that leads to too much time being spent on it. We know the thrill of playing something new that can grip us even as adults, so children are all the more susceptible. This could lead to a string of actions related to spending too much time online, not doing homework or studying in the time allotted for it, and finally leading to a sliding of grades before the child realizes what is happening.

These are some of the biggest possible impacts on kids playing games online, not meant to frighten you, but make you aware of what to watch out for when your child is spending time online.

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