The Importance of Homework

The Importance of Homework

Much as we, ourselves may feel like moaning and groaning about it, as parents it is our responsibility to make our child understand why homework is important. Manychildren find it difficult to comprehend why they need to spend additional time at home doing schoolwork, after spending so many hoursdoing the same in school. Here are some of the benefits of homework to help us convey it better to our children.

Update parents: Home work assignments serve as the easiest way for parents to get to know what children are doing at school. If not for homework, the only way for parents to remain updated would be through periodic meetings with the teachers, which is not really an easy practice to achieve.

Practice makes perfect: When children practice the same math problem multiple times, it helps them understand the concepts better. Sometimes performing the same calculation in a relatively quieter environment helps to approach it more easily. Also in cases where parents may help with homework, they might give additional tips and tricks for tackling something that the child might find difficult otherwise.

Improves organizational skills: Scheduling when to do homework and even remembering to bring back the required books, are all small skills that the child picks up and that will help him or her in improving their organizational skills, as they grow older. Parents can also help by looking for ways in which we can make homework less of a chore, and work it into our daily schedule better. It should definitely not be used as a threat, or for holding back a treat, as this would make the child associate negativity with homework.

Teaches responsibility: As children grow up, they will start taking responsibility for their own homework, and you may just need to have a check to know what their schoolwork is all about. They will be answerable for non-completion or erroneous work, and this will also help them in being more responsible for their schoolwork and other activities.

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