The importance of reading for a child – Why a good foundation is necessary

The importance of reading for a child – Why a good foundation is necessary

This recent article tells us about how SAT reading scores have hit the lowest point in 40 years, and this should definitely be a big concern to all of us. In a world where text messages are a major mode of communication, keeping the essence of the language alive can be quite a task for parents. Here are some reasons why reading is still an important foundation for our kids: Beginning to talk: Young children who are read to often, would be quicker to pick up words of the language and start talking early. Reading to a child can also help in making speech a lot clearer as these kids get to hear a lot of words and sentences at an early age. Enhances curiosity: A child who is just beginning to read tries to put together and read all the words he sees in front of him. This leads to a lot of healthy curiosity as he would want to know the meaning of longer words that he can read but cannot understand yet. Improvement of vocabulary:Once a child is 7 or 8 years of age, and able to read non-pictorial novels on their own, you will see a big improvement in their vocabulary. You will see them using new and longer words nearly every day. Make sure that you encourage your child to come and ask you for meanings of words that they might not yet understand so that their learning can be complete.

The importance of reading
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Better creativity: Children who read more would tend to start writing more creatively at a young age too, as they instinctively learn about story development through their reading too. This would be a good support for their language coursework at school too. Good communication: A good vocabulary leads to an ease of communication when talking to peers or adults. The ability to come up with anecdotes also is a contributor here. Improved confidence: When a child has a clear understanding of the language due to her reading, and can communicate well as well as contribute to creative assignments more easily, all this leads to an improved sense of confidence. Any parent would want to give their child all the advantages that starting to read at a young age can lead to. We at Aloha can also help your child with our English programs that include reading programs for kids. Please see our website for more details:

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