ALOHA Mind Math | The Role of After-School Programs in Children’s Literacy
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The Role of After-School Programs in Children’s Literacy

The Role of After-School Programs in Children’s Literacy

The Role of After-School Programs in Children’s Literacy

Around 8 out of every 10 children’s parents (both mother and father) are working these days. Since there’s no one at home, their parents try to engage kids in after-school activities that would benefit and improve the skills of their kids and it will also keep them busy while both the parents are busy at work. While there are many after-school activities, parents focus more on mental arithmetic skills. This helps their kid engage in a useful activity and of course contribute to the children’s literacy.

After school programs are designed to provide the children with exciting activities like reading writing activities, play-based learning programs, sports activities, and much more that provide more growth and flexibility. Such activities promote learning, thinking out of the box, creativity, self-confidence, behavior skills, and leadership in the children.

Here are the most compelling reasons that will make you enroll your kid in after-school activities

Develops a sense of belonging

Most of the after-school programs are offered by various institutions which is need not be there in school premises. The children get to move to a new place, meet new friends, teachers and scholars which gives them a lot of exposure and knowledge. It gives the kids an opportunity to feel a different environment, feel responsible and they develop a sense of belonging. This helps them grow and they also get an opportunity to work in groups.

Helps in improving social skills

Most of the kids who involve in good after-school program are responsible and they show signs of maturity and confidence. Since they meet new people and new friends, they try to socialize easily, they learn the act of respect, they support each other (especially when they involve in a lot of group tasks) and they learn to adjust. Kids who are shy can break their shyness and participate in interesting activities. You can see them more responsible and responsive than before.

For academic support

After-school programs are more often associated with their education and curriculum. For example, when they go for reading and writing activities, this helps them to read their school text book and write creative essay at school. When they learn abacus and other arithmetic activities, it helps them excel in math. They also develop problem-solving skills, decision making skills and other skills that will help them excel in their curriculum.

Before you enroll your kids in a program, it is important to understand their interests and help them set a hobby or passion. Do not force your kids to enroll in any activities. And remember, when the kids are given the opportunity to choose their passion, it will make them happy and they will not feel it as a burden. It is sometimes okay to keep your kids busy as far as they love the classes and the extra skills they learn.

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