Tips for Single Parents – Aloha Mind Math

Tips for Single Parents – Aloha Mind Math

Raising a child as a single parent can be a huge challenge despite the abundant joys and pleasures of parenting. Juggling between work, home and other things, raising a child can be a daunting task and a rather tough act to manage. However, there are many single parents all over the world managing the tight rope walk and doing a wonderful job of it. Here are useful tips and strategies that single parents can benefit from.

Find Reliable Child Care: Look for quality and reliable child care. There are options around this to suit your needs.  (1) A qualified caregiver who can provide stimulation in a safe environment such as home (2) Reputed crèches and day care centers which are open on working days and provide good services to care for the child. (3) Part-time nannies also are another option if it suits your routine and lifestyle. (4) A trusted family member to look after your child.

Define Rules: Define rules around the house and set expectations to your child. They should be aware of the rules and work by them. Train caregivers in your child’s life to ensure you’re providing consistent discipline even when you are at work. Avoid pampering your child with gifts and treats to make up for time spent away from them.

Familiarize Your Routine: Create a basic routine that you and your child can get used to everyday. Define appropriate mealtimes, bedtimes, and play times. Wake up at the same time in the morning and stick to it. Keeping up a predictable routine will help structure your day and help your child to know what to expect.

Chart Out Me-Time: Single parents often tend to ignore their own needs while juggling between various responsibilities. It is absolutely important that you are healthy, active and positive. Set aside some time for yourself, exercise, eat a healthy diet and get plenty of rest. Set aside time to do things you enjoy alone or with close friends and family. If you are healthy and happy, it will translate to your child too.

Be Happy: Single parents often find themselves blaming the partner, situation or even themselves for the current state of affairs. Now that you are on your own, try to focus on the things that need attention and give your child the best you possibly can give. Don’t feel guilty and beat yourself up about the situation. Strive to create a positive environment for your child and yourself.

Find a Support Groups: Create a strong network of people who understand you and be your support. It is not possible for a single parent to do everything without burning out. Work out a carpool schedule with other parents. Join a support group for single parents or call on trusted loved ones, friends and neighbors for help when you need it.

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