Tips to Help your Kids Handle Exam Stress

Tips to Help your Kids Handle Exam Stress

Exam time is upon us, and all parents know that it could herald some stress. Here are some easy tips to help kids handle stress of tests and exams, which would help ease our state of mind as well:

Effective study and revision: Work out a study timetable for exam preparation, with inputs from your child. Their participation in planning ensures that they would be equally invested in being responsible and sticking to the study schedule. Encourage your child to be independent and study on their own as much as possible as it is unlikely that you would be able to spend hours every day sitting by their side. You could help them with the final revision if you think it’s necessary, but try to ensure that your child’s studying is not dependent on your presence.

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Taking breaks: Any study plan should include breaks after every hour or half-hour depending on the age and attention span of the child. This could just a 5- minute snack and water break or a longer one where he or she could do something completely for entertainment. Such breaks are essential for the study time to be effective, as your child would then be able to concentrate better while studying.

Giving importance to food, fitness and sleep: Healthy food is a basic need for energy and focus at an intensive time like exam preparation. Ensure that you have nutritious snacks readily available for the child to pick up and eat when he or she needs an energy boost. A good amount of sleep has a positive impact on the child’s focus and attention span. Fitness and exercise should be a part of any child’s schedule and during exams they help blow off a lot of steam too.

Minimize external pressure: Some children report that it is the additional pressure put on them by parents or family that stresses them out more than the actual exam preparation. Provide your child enough support and encouragement that they would feel at ease to share with you not just their successes, but any reasons for failures and bad performance as well.

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