Tips to Discipline Kids – Aloha Mind Math

Tips to Discipline Kids – Aloha Mind Math

According to psychiatrist Michael Brody, MD – “Discipline has to do with civilizing your child so they can live in society.” Children of different age groups need specific type of disciplining based on the nature and attitude of the child.  While there is no easy way to discipline children, here are top tips suggested by experts in the field.

Define Ground Rules

When your child is old enough to understand, and respond to what you are saying, set up rules he can follow. Make him understand why some rules are necessary. For example – he has to be in bed at a specific time, he can watch television at a certain time, he has to finish homework on the same day, he needs to avoid talking to strangers and so on. Explain that there rules are meant for his health and safety.

Reward Good Behavior

While punishment is an important part of discipline, most parents tend to overlook their children’s best behaviors. Acknowledge their good behavior every now and then. Let them know they have done a good job on completing their homework, scoring good grades, and being a good child. Once in a while rewarding good behavior boosts their confidence. Take them to the game or treat them their favourite ice cream!

Reinforce Positive Behavior

While disciplining children, always use positive language as far as possible. Instead of saying “Don’t do this” ask them, “Can you do this for me please?” Avoid using negative affirmations as much as you can. No matter how hard it is, do not constantly yell at them telling them they are good for nothing.

Stay Consistent

Once you have laid down rules, stick by them. There are times when older children try to negotiate on things like watching more television or staying over at a friend’s place. Evaluate the situation before giving in to their requests all the time, or else they are likely to take rules for granted.

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