Tips to help kids deal with back to school stress.

Tips to help kids deal with back to school stress.

This article talks about how back to school can be a stressful time for children. Most parents have gone through the experience of seeing their kids deal with the start of a new grade, and wondered how they can make that transition easier for the child. Here are some simple tips to help kids deal with the start of a new school year in a smoother and more confident manner: Do a private orientation: If the school allows you to visit during the summer break, put in a couple of hours with your child exploring all the important areas like classrooms, cafeterias, the gym, and the locker rooms. If possible to coordinate with a couple more kids who are starting the same grade, it would make it even more of a fun outing. Listen: In the first days after school starts, your child will go through a lot of new experiences, and unless you spend time listening to all her stories you will not be able to share them with her. Make sure you spend a lot of one-on-one time with her and get to know about anything that might be bothering her, so that you can reassure as well as intervene if necessary to make it a bit easier on your child. Relaxation techniques: If your child is starting a new phase such as high school, the back to school stress can be difficult to deal with at times. The best way to prepare him for times like these is to teach them to sit and relax, or take a break for 5 minutes whenever things seem overwhelming. As children grow older, techniques such as meditation can also be a big help. This articlein the Huffington Post talks about a few more.

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Family time: Ensure that at least one mealtime is spent eating together as a family, and includes talking about your day at work or school. This helps children release the stress of the day, and may also lead to healthy discussions from older siblings on how to deal with common problems at school. Break from other activities: If your child takes part in other scheduled activities such as sports coaching or music classes, try to take a short break from some of these until the school schedule settles down. These tips should help towards stress management in young children for those back to school days. You can help your child cope with school related blues by trying out our classes at Aloha USA which will help your child build their confidence and in all round mental development. Please see our website for more details:

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