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Teachers, parents and students using social media for communication can be a slippery slope, this article says. For any additional queries, contact us!
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Using Social Media in Education

Using Social Media in Education

Teachers, parents and students using social media for communication can be a slippery slope, this article says. This is definitely a concern as the world of social media has encouraged a “comment first, think later” attitude among youngsters the world over. Even where adults are concerned, this might lead to inadvertently hurting someone’s feelings, without realizing the privacy of certain discussions. Though the negative impacts can be many, there are also other positive ways in which social media can be integrated into education: Easy access to information: Students can interact with their peers in a low-pressure environment, and easily discuss and access information regarding class work and projects. Building a brand: Where schools and especially institutes of higher education are concerned, social media marketing can be a great tool to publicizing the institution and improving the brand image.

Using Social Media in Education
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Publishing projects and research: Once an institution has built up a brand, and is known to maintain a social media page, it can also use this medium to publish important projects and research papers done by the students. This would encourage the students as well to perform to the best of their abilities, to enable their work to reach a bigger audience. It can also be a great way for corporates to reach out to the student world. Alumni network: As most outgoing students of the school would be interested in staying in touch with the alma mater, alumni network groups on social media platforms are a very common trend. Through this, the educational institution can reach out to the alumni, as well as enable the alumni to stay in touch and organize get-togethers and events. Social media can be a very powerful tool if used in an appropriate manner, and I am sure we can use it to our advantage with just a few caveats. At Aloha, we try to harness the advantages of social media, by broadcasting information about our ongoing events, and testimonials by parents. Our Math and English classes can be very useful for young children to gain more confidence in tackling these subjects at school. Do check out our website for more details:

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