Ways to enhance creative thinking in your child

Ways to enhance creative thinking in your child

In today’s competitive world, thinking out of the box has become a very necessary trait for success. Every parent hopes to nurture a creative spirit in their child not only in terms of being competitive, but more importantly as a way of fostering originality in their thinking. Both as teachers and parents, it would be great if we could develop an environment where children are enthusiastic about developing ideas and feel free to do their own experimenting. This is the best way to give free rein to their imagination and let them find a way to explore and find their own answers. In order to enable this, we can use the following to enhance creativity:

Curiosity – This is a very important trait and it isn’t even something we have to develop; it comes naturally to children. From the age when they start to understand things around them, we as parents have answered tons of questions to the best of our abilities. As they learn to read, we can make sure that they have all the information they need, both from books as well as from using the internet as they are older. It is also very important that they understand that is not wrong to ask questions, which could happen if they find us to be impatient with them at times when we do not have the time or resources to respond to them properly.

Experimentation – Expose the child to simple science kits from a young age, and allow them to experiment with new material and information and you will definitely notice the learning curve that your children go through. It is also a good idea to try to teach more through practical means and even through play, as this leaves a better impression on the child’s mind and will help them retain the information better. It also enables them to change things around themselves to try and find out how things work differently with different parameters.

Environment – Try to make sure that the environment around the child nourishes creative thinking. Plan activities such as a scavenger hunt or a hypothetical problem solving session from time to time, so that fun and creativity together create the perfect environment. Even watching a fun TV show such as “Whose Line Is It Anyway” where an abundance of creativity is on display can be a great thought provoker at a young age (Do check for age appropriateness first).

With all these small steps, we can make a start towards encouraging creative thinking and prepare our child to face life’s challenges in a confident manner.

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