We are now 150! – Aloha Mind Math

We are now 150! – Aloha Mind Math

When we started in 2005 we could never have imagined that we would grow in strength in such a short time. But will all your support and encouragement, we have just signed our 150th location in Chester, Virginia. We are happy to announce that this also brings us to 15 locations in the state of Virginia. Here are some details of the programs that our new 150th location will be providing:

Mind Math:

Aloha Junior: The junior level is meant for children between 5 and 6 years of age, and is the ideal time to introduce them to Mental Math and the Aloha programs. This program lays a solid foundation of Math basics in your child, and helps them to start using the abacus for calculations.

Aloha Senior: This level is for children between 7 and 12. They are introduced to basic operations like addition with the abacus, and move on to more complicated ones involving multiplication, division and even square roots. After the initial stages, they will no longer use the physical abacus and by the end of the program they can perform even calculations like “356*769/67” in their mind with ease.

Note: Even if your child has not gone through the Junior level, he/she might still be able to join a the Senior level after going through some assessment tests.

English – Reading/Writing:

The goal of our English program is to enable your child to excel at Reading and Writing, and the levels of the program are aligned to what your child may be learning at school. The syllabus is divided into Language Arts, Reading and Writing skills which allows for a very structured approach to the program. You are sure to find a constant improvement in your child’s reading and creative writing skills, and in her performance at school.

You will find a detailed description of the above programs at our website http://www.aloha-usa.com. Please have a look there and contact us for any queries.

The centre at Chester will be run by Mr. Rupesh who also is in charge of the ones at Glen Allen, Henrico.

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