Why does your child need math?

Why does your child need math?

Math is used in various aspects of life, learning math is very important for every kid. Math skills that are picked up during early years will play a big role in the child’s success during school and everyday life. Understanding and picking up math can sometimes be a challenge, it’s the parents’ job to identify this and help the child to embrace the challenge positively in order to develop the right skills in a timely manner.
Given the right tools and environment, children can pick up maths very well. It is the parents’ responsibility to provide the right tools at home and ensure it is available in school. However, sometimes, it is the parents who slack with reasons such as – math is not useful for career fields other than health, science, engineering etc., the parents themselves had a tough time with the subject and hence they believe the child is bound to face the same issues.
Having challenges with grasping math has no relationship with intelligence levels. Before giving up on the child’s math development skills, parents need to understand the role that math plays in the child’s development.
Math is used in our everyday lives to:

  • Calculate any transactions that involve numbers like purchasing items, estimating prices, time management etc.
  • Maintain accounts, money management etc.
  • Do calculations that are necessary to make important decisions
  • Apply mathematical logic to create solutions or solve problems
  • Operate devices

It is thus evident that a child needs to be able to use math skills in various scenarios of day-to-day life. Children have different methods and motivation to learn, employing techniques that consider such factors are key to learning success.
Children learn math when they are able to relate numbers to real life experiences. An ideal learning environment is one where the child is able to explore and solve problems using toys and any other available information.
At Aloha Mind Math we understand children and the conditions under which they best grasp mathematical concepts. In addition we use the concept of Abacus which has been proven to be a powerful tool for learning math. At Aloha we utilize Abacus to develop an overall brain development program which helps children calculate huge mathematical sums within a short period of time, and more importantly, without a calculating device.
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